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What are 2022 tile trends?

2022 Tile Trends When it comes to tile trends, new and exciting options are constantly appearing on the market. Here are some tile trends we believe will be popular in 2022: 1. Oversized tiles: Large-scale tiles are becoming increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They make a strong statement and can aid in…

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What floor tile is in Style 2022?

What Floor Tiles Will Be Popular in 2022? With our high-tech world and a desire for more natural materials, what do you think will be the floor tile design trend in 2022? There are a few different types of floor tiles that are currently popular. The classic square tile and the more modern hexagon tile…

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What color tile is in for 2022?

What Color Tile Will Be Popular in 2022? There are many popular tile colors for 2022. White, black, gray, and cream are some of the most popular tile colors. These colors are popular because they can be used with any type of home d├ęcor and will never go out of style. Blue, green, pink, and…

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