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What do home buyers want in 2022?

What Are Home Buyers Looking For in 2022? The 2020s are quickly approaching, and Zonda’s “What Do Homebuyers Want in 2022?” survey has revealed what future home buyers want. This article discusses how first-time home buyers continue to desire large kitchens, designated offices, and outdoor living spaces. What are the top five desires of home…

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What brings up the value of a house?

The Top 5 Things That Increase Your Home’s Value The value of a home will be determined by the renovations that have been completed. If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home, consider these five top projects that will increase the value of your home! Hardwood Floor Refinishing One of the…

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What home improvements do not add value?

Home Improvements That Don’t Add Value In this article, we’ll look at home improvements that don’t add value. Some of the topics covered include converting your garage, adding on to your home, luxury upgrades, and solar panels. To begin, consider a few different types of home improvements that do not add value to your property.…

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