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What is a Groutless shower?

What exactly is a Groutless Shower? Gutterless showers are an excellent way to make your bathroom cleaner, and more stylish, and require far less maintenance. If you’re planning a renovation or simply want to update your old-fashioned shower, consider going groutless. What exactly is a Groutless Shower? A groutless shower is one that has no…

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What can I use instead of tile in a shower?

Shower Panels That Are the Best on the Market Tile is an excellent way to give your bathroom a clean, modern look. There are, however, other options if you are unsure about the installation or simply want something different! PVC vs. acrylic Acrylic and PVC are two of the most popular materials on the market…

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What can I put on my bathroom walls instead of tiles?

What Can I Use Instead of Tiles on My Bathroom Walls? We all want our bathrooms to be as lovely and one-of-a-kind as possible. However, not everyone has the financial means to go out and buy or make a handmade tile for their wall. Instead of tiles, you can use a variety of other materials…

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