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In what order should I remodel my house?

In what order should you renovate your home? Farkash is a remodeling expert who has seen a lot in his years of experience. In this article, he discusses the order in which you should renovate your home, as well as some starting point ideas. How do you decide what to fix first? When deciding in…

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What comes first paint or floors?

Which comes first, the paint or the floors? Many homeowners require painting on a regular basis. And, as the new flooring is installed, the question arises: which comes first, the paint or the floors? This article contains advice to help you decide. Why should you paint first? If you’re debating whether to paint or install…

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Should I do floors or walls first?

Should I start with the walls or the flooring? When remodeling your home, there are numerous factors to consider. One frequent question is whether you should start with the flooring before moving on to the walls. This article will go over why you should always install new flooring before painting, as it will make the…

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