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What is the easiest shower material to clean?

The Easiest Bathroom Material to Keep Clean Acrylic is the easiest material to clean because it does not absorb water and cannot support mold or mildew growth. You can also use a glass cleaner on the surface without worrying about chemicals reacting with the material, and natural oils from your skin adhere to acrylic better…

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What type of walls are better than tile in a shower?

Acrylic Shower Walls Are a Great Idea Try an acrylic wall to update your shower. Acrylic walls are less expensive and easier to install than tile! Read on to learn more about acrylic walls and their advantages over tile. Why are Acrylic Walls a Better Option? Acrylic walls are a great option for a new…

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Is it cheaper to tile a shower or buy a surround?

Which Is Cheaper: Tiling A Shower Or Buying A Surround? Installing a shower surround or even tiling the walls and floor can be costly. You’ve probably heard that installing tile is less expensive than purchasing a prefabricated surround, but are you certain? In this article, we look at whether it’s better to install tile or…

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