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How much does it cost to tile a bathroom in Canada?

The Cost of Tiling a Bathroom in Canada

Tiling a bathroom is a big project and one that many people choose to hire a professional to do. The cost of tiling a bathroom in Canada can vary depending on the size of the bathroom and the type of tile you choose. The average cost of professional tiling for a 53 square foot area is $917 to $1048.


The cost of the tile will range between $3 and $35 per square foot, not including the cost of labor and materials. You can expect to pay more for your project if you choose a more expensive tile or hire a contractor with a higher hourly rate. You can, however, find a tile that fits both your budget and your style by shopping around and comparing prices.


Factors That Affect the Cost of Tiling a Bathroom in Canada

There are several factors that affect the cost of tiling a bathroom in Canada, including:

The size of the bathroom: The smaller the bathroom, the less expensive it will be to tile.

The type of tile you choose: There are many different types of tiles available on the market, from ceramic to porcelain to natural stone. The type of tile you choose will affect both the price and the installation time.

The number of labor hours required: If you hire a professional contractor, they will charge you an hourly rate for their services. The more complex your project, the more hours it will take them to complete and the more expensive it will be.

The cost of materials: Tile is available at many different price points. You can find cheap tiles for as little as $3 per square foot, or you can spend up to $35 per square foot for more high-end options.

Additional costs: There are also other costs associated with tiling a bathroom, such as renting tools or buying adhesives and grout. These costs can add up, so be sure to factor them into your budget when making your plans.


5 Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Tile Project

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your bathroom tile project, here are 5 things you can do:

1) Shop around: Don’t just buy the first tile you see that you like. Compare prices at different stores before making your purchase.

2) Consider cheaper options: If you’re looking at tiles that are out of your budget, consider cheaper options that will still look good in your space.

3) Do it yourself: If you’re handy and have some experience with home improvement projects, you may be able to save money by doing the work yourself. Just be sure to do your research beforehand so that you know what you’re getting into!

4) Shop sales: Many stores have sales on tiles throughout the year. If you can wait to start your project until one of these sales is happening, you may be able to get a great deal on your tile purchase.

5) Ask for discounts: If you know someone who works in the construction or home improvement industry, they may be able to get discounts at certain stores. Be sure to ask if they know of any current deals before making your purchase!


By following these tips, you can be sure to find bathroom tiles that fit both your budget and your style! Shopping around, considering cheaper options, doing it yourself, shopping sales and asking for discounts are all great ways to save money on your bathroom tile project!